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Penny Pincher Tip June 17, 2011

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Photo by About Love Studios

A very popular way to save money on your wedding is by using a nontraditional venue. Backyard weddings create an intimate atmosphere. Public parks offer a unique setting on a low budget. When searching for the perfect venue, keep in mind that you can usually get the date and time you want at an affordable price by using a venue that most brides aren’t considering. Bonus: It’s yourvenue, which makes it memorable.


One Response to “Penny Pincher Tip”

  1. We had our wedding at a public park it loved it! So many of the guests commented on how beautiful, fun and so very “us” our outdoor park wedding was. It saved us a ton of money and while it did mean a little more work in some areas (setting up and decorating and such) – being able to save my hard-working parents the extra money and still have a lovely wedding was so worth it!

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