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Enlisting Help April 2, 2010

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Just about every bride has friends and family who offer to help with the wedding. If you’re feeling stressed, I would highly recommend that you take those people up on their offers.

The hard part is choosing which tasks to delegate. There are things you can hand off to people at every stage of the planning process. After the engagement, you can ask the groom and both sets of parents to begin thinking about guest lists. You and the groom should also begin to discuss the types of wedding bands you want. You can ask friends for vendor referrals. It is very risky to hire a vendor without having seen them perform. If a trusted friend can provide you with the confidence that a vendor will do well, an important part of planning will be done.

A little further down the planning road, you can enlist those friends to help address, stuff and stamp invitations (more on this process soon). Having a casual invitation party is a great way to spend some good time laughing with your bridesmaids!

If the groom and your mother are unavailable, ask a close friend or relative to join you for a second opinion, when you go cake tasting or to visit a venue.

When the wedding date is around the corner, begin to gather people who will help set up or tear down at your backyard reception. Look for helpers to pick up out-of-town guests from the airport, boutonnieres if they won’t be delivered and someone to hand out tips to vendors on the wedding day. It’s also a good idea to designate someone (usually the maid of honor and best man) to take tuxes and the wedding dress to the cleaners or rental shop after the wedding.

Your engagement doesn’t have to be stressful and you shouldn’t have to feel like a bridezilla! Allow your friends and family to take some of that weight off your shoulders so you can enjoy yourself and everything will get done on time.


2 Responses to “Enlisting Help”

  1. I do not know what I would have done with our arsenal of incredible helpers. They stuffed invites, made centerpieces, decorated, ran errand, set-up and tore down. They saved us so much time, stress and money and I could never thank them all enough!!

  2. Amy Says:

    This is a great article. It’s so important to delegate and reach out to your friends and family. If some family members can’t afford to buy you a gift, ask them to do something for the wedding in lieu of a present.

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