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Guest Blogger-Respect July 8, 2009

Filed under: Uncategorized — jamiemae @ 12:39 pm

“When Aretha Franklin belted out the lyrics to “Respect”, she inadvertently gave some of the best marriage advice I have ever encountered.  Men need respect.  This is an innate necessity, not icing on the cake.  When he attempts to help with the wedding details that are really just none of his business, communicate respectfully.  (“Well, Brian, as much as I would love an ice sculpture of our heads at our wedding reception, I think the Arizona heat will melt it away!”)  When he is more interested in watching “Jon and Kate Plus Eight” than helping with wedding plans, don’t devalue him as a man.  (“Brian, you have a great understanding of the inner psyche of children, so where do you think we should put the kid’s table at the reception?”)  Point being- make him feel like your big, strong man.  Give it a try, stroke his ego, you won’t regret it.”



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