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Guest Blogger: Etiquette July 7, 2009

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“Etiquette is possibly the most complex issue that you’ll tackle during your engagement.  Everyone has a differing opinion.  E-invites are uncivil, money dances are a semi-sin, non-handwritten envelopes say “I care more about hand cramps than I do about you”, etc.  But for goodness sakes, please don’t forget to write thank you notes.  While doing introductions at my shower, a relative chose that moment to admonish my sister-in-law by saying, ‘And by the way, Rachael, I’m still waiting for my thank you note from your shower!'”



One Response to “Guest Blogger: Etiquette”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    ::grimace:: I do care more about hand cramps (labels on invite) and saving money (ecard save the dates) than I do about etiquette… is that bad? I hope it’s not too bad, because that is just too bad 😉

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