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Making Your Ceremony Yours July 27, 2009

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Many brides and grooms are so excited to get married that they plan their futures together and they plan the details of the reception, but they don’t pay much attention to the ceremony. Short and sweet makes a happy group of guests. Get to the party!

Having a short ceremony isn’t a bad thing. Just don’t forget the sweet part. Put some thought into how the ceremony will take place and how you want to incorporate your personalities. Here’s an example. Ever seen 18 Kids and Counting? When the eldest Duggar boy got married, he and his bride added to their vows that they would trust God with the size of their family. This may seem extreme to you, but it was on their hearts to include it in their vows before the people they loved.

Writing your own vows is another good way to make them personal. This may seem like a daunting task, so here are a few tips for making it easier. Begin several months before the wedding. Give yourself time to come up with ideas, edit them and edit them again. Make a list of the things that you think are important to let your future spouse know. Remember that these will be vows that you make in front of many people who will be involved in your life and your marriage. Your vows should be considered an oath that your friends and family will keep you accountable to in the future. In fact, many officiants will charge the guests with the task to support the marriage in this way. Think about the things that you would want from your spouse and promise those things to them despite whether or not you receive them too.

If you have special readings or songs in the ceremony, explain either aloud or in the programs why you chose that piece and what it means to you as a couple. There is so much symbolism in a wedding ceremony. Share that with your guests. Put it in your album. Remember it through the years.


Contest Winner – Inspiration Boards July 14, 2009

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Remember that contest we had a while back? Here’s the winner! Jen will receive a free consultation as well as a basket of goodies to help her de-stress.

Board created by Jennifer Robison

Board created by Jennifer Robison


Guest Blogger-Covenant Marriage July 10, 2009

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“When you pledge yourself to your husband before God and all your family and friends, do you really mean it?  Is “for better or for worse” really your intention?  If it is, then consider a covenant marriage.  A covenant marriage is basically a strengthened marriage license.  Couples agree to participate in pre-marital counseling, as well as pre-divorce counseling, if the need should arise.  This diminishes the divorce rate and increases the amount of happy and healthy marriages and families.  With the rate of broken families skyrocketing, a call to commitment is necessary.  Don’t make your wedding vows temporary, make them forever.”



Guest Blogger-Respect July 8, 2009

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“When Aretha Franklin belted out the lyrics to “Respect”, she inadvertently gave some of the best marriage advice I have ever encountered.  Men need respect.  This is an innate necessity, not icing on the cake.  When he attempts to help with the wedding details that are really just none of his business, communicate respectfully.  (“Well, Brian, as much as I would love an ice sculpture of our heads at our wedding reception, I think the Arizona heat will melt it away!”)  When he is more interested in watching “Jon and Kate Plus Eight” than helping with wedding plans, don’t devalue him as a man.  (“Brian, you have a great understanding of the inner psyche of children, so where do you think we should put the kid’s table at the reception?”)  Point being- make him feel like your big, strong man.  Give it a try, stroke his ego, you won’t regret it.”



Guest Blogger: Etiquette July 7, 2009

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“Etiquette is possibly the most complex issue that you’ll tackle during your engagement.  Everyone has a differing opinion.  E-invites are uncivil, money dances are a semi-sin, non-handwritten envelopes say “I care more about hand cramps than I do about you”, etc.  But for goodness sakes, please don’t forget to write thank you notes.  While doing introductions at my shower, a relative chose that moment to admonish my sister-in-law by saying, ‘And by the way, Rachael, I’m still waiting for my thank you note from your shower!'”



Guest Blogger: Bride July 6, 2009

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Megan has gone through the stress of planning a wedding and is now enjoying that great thing called wedded bliss. I asked her to write as a guest blogger here this week, to give some advice on things she learned from experience. I hope you enjoy her witty posts. If you have a question for Megan, email me at and I will pass it on to her.

“Having been engaged all of one time, I have recently been told that I am entitled to advise you during your brilliant engagement period.  I certainly do not profess to be an expert in nuptial matters, but I’m guessing that most of you are pretty new to this, so I can pretty much tell you what I want.  In hindsight, I think the most important lesson I learned was the following:  make sure that all extended family knows not to bring poodles to your wedding reception.  Apparently, that’s not a given.”