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Quick Tip June 30, 2009

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Don’t plan any big activities that will require a lot of energy on the first day or two of your honeymoon. Planning a wedding takes a lot of work and you will be exhausted afterwards, whether you feel it now or not. Plan to rest for a while before doing a lot of sight-seeing.


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  1. Jennifer Says:

    My fiance and I have chosen to take our honeymoon the week after our wedding. This way, we have the rest of the wedding weekend to relax, without rushing off to catch a plane. Also, we were able to take a little longer trip by wrapping the honeymoon around two weekends (rather than loosing one weekend day with the wedding). We will have to go back to work two days after the wedding, which is a bummer. But I think we’ll be glad we gave ourselves time to breath before rushing off to our honeymoon.

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