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DJ versus Live Band at the Reception: Part II June 26, 2009

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  DJ:  A really skillful DJ can really help to liven up the reception, and can engage with and respond to the audience.  He will know how to balance songs between slow and fast, different styles,  and set the right volume and feel to carry the event from dinner hour music through the last slow dance at the end of the night.  As with the band, he can announce the arrival of the wedding party, instruct people when to eat, announce the cake cutting, etc.  The benefit of a good DJ is that he / she can literally have 1000s of songs at the fingertips, and can take almost any request. He should be able to bring a very high quality sound and lighting system, if requested, and play any special songs you may desire.   As with the band, make sure they have experience performing at weddings, and get references. 
 Make sure your DJ knows the following at least 2 weeks prior to the big day:
1)     what time to arrive for their setup and sound check
2)     who their point of contact is
3)     where they can load and unload
4)     who will let them in
5)     where they can park
6)     what time to begin playing, timing of any special songs
7)     where their power outlet is located
8)     how much of a sound and / or lighting system they will need to bring
9)     attire (ie how formal)
10)  whether food and drinks are included with their fee.
11)  How they will be paid


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