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DJs versus Live Band at the Reception: Part I June 25, 2009

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The decision about whether to hire a DJ or a Live band is an important one for your wedding to be special. The right music can make the whole night, and have your guests dancing the night away!  The choice comes down to several important personal factors as well considerations about the size and style of your event. The benefits and considerations of each choice is listed below:
Live band:  There is just something about the creative energy and spontaneity of a live band that can not be re-produced with a recording. Vocals are a lot more powerful when live, and good musicians can draw on the energy of each other and the audience to create a more inspired, powerful performance.  This in turn influences the audience.  Great music is also a visual experience, with lighting, and the physical motions of the performing adding a whole new dimension to the music.  Again, this is not possible with recorded music.   With a live band, make sure they can handle a variety of styles of music, especially those songs or styles you want to hear, and have experience performing at weddings.  Ask to see their songlist of most proficient songs, and try to go see a live public performance before hiring them.  References can also be very important.  Make sure you have the right space, sound system, and lighting requirements for the band, and work out agreement on any songs in particular you would like them to perform.  Make sure your band knows the following at least 2 weeks prior to the big day:
1)     what time to arrive for their setup and sound check
2)     who their point of contact is
3)     where they can load and unload
4)     who will let them in
5)     where they can park
6)     what time to begin playing, timing of any special songs
7)     where their power outlet is located
8)     how much of a sound and / or lighting system they will need to bring
9)     attire (ie how formal)
10)  whether food and drinks are included with their fee. 
11)  how they will be paid


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