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Music is an essential element that can truly make a service special and set the tone for celebration and create a classy atmosphere.  The more unique, the more memorable!  Music is typically performed at 6 stages of the wedding:

1)     Before the service while people are walking in. This time works very well for a soloist, duo, or classical ensemble 
2)     As the wedding party is walking in (called the processional).  Also great for a soloist
3)     As the Bride and Groom are walking out (called the recessional)
4)     After the service, while guests are walking out.  Great for a soloist or duo
5)     During the wedding dinner
During the reception / dance hour / cake cutting

Its important to plan ahead, hire the right musicians early, and decide on songs early enough to give them plenty of time to prepare.  Unless they have excellent reading skills, a small ensemble (strings, horns, singer / piano, etc) will need on average one week per song when the music is something they have not performed before.  So, if they will perform 5 songs, give them at least 5 weeks notice.  Those that have experience performing at weddings may be able to make suggestions as to a song list – they will know through experience what works.  Piano music while people are walking in, during the wedding procession, and while people are leaving the service can be especially nice.

-Brent Moseley, Point of View


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