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Don’t Even Mention Rain at My Wedding! May 28, 2009

The thought of a rainy wedding day will send shudders down the back of any bride. The thing you must remember is that, as long as you are married by the end of the day, you had a successful wedding. However, no one will reprimand you for being prepared. You can plan for rain by having a tent with a floor, and plenty of parking that’s not in the grass or mud. If you’d rather have a sunny outdoor wedding, you can simply watch the weather the week of the wedding and rent a tent the day before if it looks like rain. You will be out a good amount of money if you end up not using it, but then what will you do if you don’t have a tent ready and your guests get rained on? Before doing this, check with your rental company about the cancellation fee. If there is an indoor facility nearby, you may consider using this as back-up. Just be sure to have all the arrangements done ahead of time. You may need to reserve the space, or even rent it out. If there isn’t anything nearby, make sure there are sidewalks around so your guests aren’t trudging through the mud in their heels. If there aren’t any, get some cute stepping stones to line the pathway to and from the ceremony site.

If it does happen to rain on your wedding, everyone will be happier if you embrace it. Wedding planner Deanna Morgan suggests saving some of the wedding day rain in a bottle for your baby’s baptism (information found here). You could also hand out umbrellas as favors. This would make for a great trash the dress opportunity. Or, if the rain appears before you get any pictures in, protect the dress and take pictures when you get back from your honeymoon.


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