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Trash the Dress May 26, 2009

A wedding dress is one of the most crucial elements of a memorable wedding. Lots of time and money goes into obtaining the right one and then it is worn only once. Some brides are lucky enough to wear it multiple times at out-of-state receptions. Even then, it goes back in the garment bag or is preserved, never to be worn again. 

One way to take advantage of this useless dress after the wedding is to have a Trash the Dress session. This has become a rather popular thing to do. If you are willing to be completely done with your dress after the wedding, you can get some amazing shots in your TTD session. Any good photographer will have some wonderful ideas for this. However, some brides can’t bring themselves to destroy the most important and, probably expensive, dress they have ever or will ever own. What do you think? Will you trash your dress?


Photo by del sol Photography

Photo by del sol Photography


photo found at

photo found at

ttd.paintAbove photo found here.


2 Responses to “Trash the Dress”

  1. JB Says:

    to assume a dress will be “destroyed” is false. unlike 3-4 decades ago, most dresses made nowadays are polyblends that are very durable and will recover fine from say a water or beach trashing, esp if they’re a well-made mid-higher name brand like Sottero, etc. I even know of a bride that trashed her Sottero (water) BEFORE the ceremony, as part of her bridal pictures. and some brides are even taking this into account when picking their dresses out.

    • jamiemae Says:

      JB, thank you for that clarification. Isn’t it amazing what technology allows us to do these days?

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