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Paying Vendors and Writing Thank You Notes May 21, 2009

Most vendors (if not all) will require payment on the day of your wedding. Depending on your contract, this could be before the ceremony or after the reception. The important part is making sure it happens. You wouldn’t want to come home from your honeymoon to be greeted by a collection agency or a nasty notice from vendors. So, I recommend having all payments ready before the day of the wedding and delegating someone else to distribute them. You won’t want to think about money on your wedding day. You’ll be too busy enjoying the best day of your life! So, here’s what you do.

Organize each payment in the form of check or cash and put them in separate envelopes with the name of the company and the contact person on each envelope. The envelopes should be sealed for safety. You can also include tips and a thank you note in these envelopes. Your wedding coordinator is an excellent person for the task of distributing payment, with one exception. The best man typically gives the officiant the tip. 

thank-youWriting thank you notes is an arduous task. In order to lighten your burden post-honeymoon, begin to write thank you’s for the gifts that are delivered to your house (or your parents’ house) before the wedding. You can have your maid of honor mail them the day after the wedding. You can also start to put your return address labels and stamps on envelopes for the thank you’s that you’ll write when you get home. I highly discourage you from making fill-in-the-blank thank you’s. I repeat: don’t make fill-in-the-blank thank you’s! It is very tacky and obvious when a guest receives a note with a form letter that has the name of the gift that just barely fits in the space after “Thank you for the ______________.” It’s especially bad when the pen color of the gift doesn’t match the pen color of the rest of the note. I don’t care if it does match or fit perfectly. Just don’t do it! It will make a far better impression on your guests if you write a genuine note after the wedding. Besides, you have a few months before etiquette comes calling, demanding that you send them out. Be genuine and be courteous. After all, you spent all those dollars and all that time planning the wedding of the season. You don’t want the last impression your guests receives to be a bad one.


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