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Honeymoon Hotel May 20, 2009

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This really applies to before the wedding, but it’s in preparation for after the wedding. Have the groom or the best man or someone you trust check you into the hotel you’ll be at on the wedding night, unless you are traveling out of town. This makes things go much smoother when you get to the hotel–especially if you’ll still be in your wedding dress. People will want to stare, unless you can skip the front desk and go in the back way. You should also have all your bags packed, at the latest, by the day before the wedding and have them taken to your room at check-in. Now, I say choose someone you trust, because there are many people out there who will want in on a wedding prank and I’ve heard horror stories about pranks you don’t want to be part of your wedding night. So, unless you don’t know anyone who has ever pulled a prank before, keep the location of your first night a secret.

The groom should also tell the hotel that you will be on your honeymoon, because you may get some freebies or upgrades. Be sure to drop that information at each place you go on your honeymoon. Many people are happy to celebrate with you by giving you free perks. Don’t expect it, because many won’t give you more than a smile, but it doesn’t hurt to try. For more advice on your honeymoon, click on the ‘Honeymoon’ category to the right of this page.


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