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How Do I Donate? May 19, 2009

Yesterday, I recommended that you consider donating extra food after the reception. I had a request to expand on that topic, and how it is done. 

This was a very good question, since food-banks generally don’t accept perishable foods. I suggest going through Feeding America. They will pick up the food (perishable or not) at your reception and deliver it on the same day. Click here for guidelines on how to prepare the food and how to arrange a pick-up.

Click here to find a nursing home for donating flowers. Click on your state and keep clicking on the area you want until you zoom in enough to see the yellow dots, which are the nursing homes in that area.

Another quick piece of advice for post wedding: attire. You will need someone to return rented tuxes and clean/preserve the wedding gown. If you have going away outfits, it’s easier to hand off attire to the designated person who will take care of returns and cleaning. Don’t forget to give them funds to have the services done. Keep in mind that most gowns will take a few weeks to be cleaned, depending on the material and beading. Wedclean is a great company that will clean and preserve your gown, veil, shoes, and any other accessories without you leaving home. They will send you a box and you send it in to them. There are some great testimonials about Wedclean removing wine stains after years of the gown being stored in the garage and other miraculous cleanings.


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