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Post-Wedding Details May 18, 2009

just.marriedAs many brides plan for their weddings, they often forget the part after the reception. The truth is, the work is not done when you and your new hubby ride away in the newly decorated getaway car. So, remember to plan for all the little details that you won’t be around for.

Let’s start with clean-up. You should have a plan for leftover food. Many caterers today will donate extra food. Be sure to clarify that point early on. If they don’t offer donations, you should delegate that job to one of your bridesmaids or family-members. Be sure to make arrangements with the caterer beforehand to save the leftovers (they may even box them for you).

Also consider donating your flowers. A retirement community would be happy to have your floral arrangements, since they will last for several more days. 

Rentals are also on the to-do list. If your venue is easy to get into, especially outdoor, or on public property, you may want to consider hiring a security service to watch the tables and chairs until Monday, when the rental company can pick them up. If rentals are from the venue, they will take care of it, and if you are only renting china and linens those can easily be kept in a safe place (but, once again, you will want to designate someone to put those in that safe place).

If your centerpieces are more keepsake than floral, you may consider giving them as gifts to honored guests, or donating them to charity.

Double-check that all these arrangements have been made and that everyone understands their part two weeks before the wedding. This leaves some cushion time, in case something was forgotten or misunderstood.


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