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More People to Care For April 9, 2009

Yes, it is your day. You get just about anything you want for that day, and everyone’s eyes will be on you. But, believe it or not, you still have responsibilities and there are certain expectations every bride should fulfill. We have talked about out-of-towners. Now, let’s discuss parents.

Your parents are (or were) a big part of your life, and they should be honored at your wedding. I won’t get into a big discussion about etiquette concerning divorced parents here (leave a comment or email if you have specific questions), but I will say that remarried parents should bring their new spouses. Your parents, and his, should have a special place at a reserved table close to the action at the reception. They should not be the ones running around with all the last details, making sure everything is in place. That’s your coordinator’s job. The fathers can give a toast or say the blessing at the reception (ask them ahead of time). Don’t forget to say goodbye to parents before leaving for the night.

At the rehearsal dinner, or in private, parents should be given a special gift. This should fit their personality and it should be something that they will have for a lifetime. For instance, if your dad is a chef, don’t get him a beautiful display of food, only to be eaten. Get him a chef’s hat with something sweet written inside. It is always a good idea to engrave gifts, whether it’s a pocket watch or a beer mug.

Just remember, this wedding means almost as much to your parents as it does to you. Honor them, remember them and thank them for their influence in who you are.


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