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Quick Tip April 8, 2009

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Send out all your save-the-dates at the same time and all your invitations at the same time. People talk and, when they start hearing that the invitations went out, they’ll wonder why they haven’t gotten one yet. Better to wait another day or two to send them all out while you find out that one last address.


2 Responses to “Quick Tip”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Yep. Made this mistake with my Save the Dates. Now only my side has them and the grooms side still doesn’t have them a week later (I didn’t wait until he had his list together before I sent mine and now his side won’t get theirs until he has time to put the list together). I was too impatient to wait for him and now I’m hoping that no one from his side get their feelings hurt.

  2. jamiemae Says:

    It seems to me that, because a wedding is such an important, personal event, feelings will inevitably get hurt. However, you can try your best to prevent that. Jennifer, maybe, when your fiance sends out his save-the-dates, he could put something on the top that says “Because Devon would be honored to have you there…” or “Friend of the Groom…” or something like that so that there is a distinction between the ones you sent and the ones he sent. This isn’t necessary, because if feelings were hurt when they didn’t give a save-the-date, feelings will heal when they get it, even if it’s late. But, it might calm your fears.

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