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Give Back With Your Wedding April 3, 2009

Charities are becoming more and more popular as people are realizing that financial security and the wellness of our planet are not a given. But, how do you  incorporate your love of giving into your wedding? One way is to give to charity instead of giving your guests favors. Then you can lay a card on each table setting to let them know what’s important to you. Some brides and grooms already have a decent collection of housewares and don’t need a registry for that purpose. Instead, they can ask guests to give to certain charities in lieu of gifts. Of course, this should be listed on your wedding website or shower invitation, NOT the wedding invitation. 

Green weddings are everywhere these days. As more information gets into the hands of ordinary people like you and me, we can learn to be better stewards of our planet. Your wedding is no exception. Some of the most extravagant, beautiful weddings I’ve seen were green weddings.

A few ideas for planet-conscious weddings. Instead of using real flowers, get silk ones. Opt for the really nice ones that look real. Or, if you just have to have the real ones, go organic, then donate them to a retirement home or a hospital. Etiquette is still not allowing electronic invitations, but you can make green ones with one sheet of recycled paper and biodegradable ink. Ask your stationer how to create a green invitation that still looks classy. If your wedding is outside, you can plant new trees and flowers instead of decorating with plants that will die after the ceremony. For more ideas, visit The Green Bride Guide or Carbon Footprint for more information on how to have a green wedding and why it’s important.


2 Responses to “Give Back With Your Wedding”

  1. Cass Says:

    You should check out It lets you create a registry for charitable giving along with the traditional “stuff” registry. The cool part – whenever someone buys stuff for you on your registry, you get cash back that you can choose to donate to charity. It’s a win-win.

    • jamiemae Says:

      Cass, thanks for that hint! I just looked at it and it also has the option to do a registry for your honeymoon, which is something we’ve talked about here on Aisle Talk before. What a great resource.

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