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Wedding Websites March 19, 2009

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Many wedding traditions have lasted centuries and are still present in the modern day. However, new ones are bound to pop up as the culture changes and grows. It may not be considered a tradition, but a very popular trend right now is having a wedding website. The biggest benefit of having a wedding website is that it takes care of the question of how to spread the registry word. It is considered extremely tacky to put where you are registered in the invitation. It is a good idea to put it on an invitation to a shower, but that doesn’t inform everyone who is invited to the ceremony. So, putting the locations of wedding registry on the site is a very good way to let everyone know. You can even put the url for that site on the wedding invitation. Some sites even offer a guest counter. You can tell them to R.S.V.P. at the site. Beware of using this as your only method of R.S.V.P., though, because not everyone has access to the internet and not everyone knows enough about computers to feel comfortable doing that. I am not going to recommend where to get your site because there are so many options that offer different things. Google “wedding website” to see what’s available.


One Response to “Wedding Websites”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    David’s Bridal has a pretty good one:
    It has the registry and RSVP features and (my favorite) a wedding To Do List that you can check off right there on-line (they send you email reminders too if you want). Plus, you can add your our tasks to the list in addition the helpful ones they provide for you. I don’t really care for David’s Bridal, but I have liked using this site so far.

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