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Stay in the Lines March 10, 2009

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Line is the last element of value, so we’ll finish up last week’s discussion with that. Let’s talk about line in reference to movement. When designing your wedding, it’s important to imagine the flow of the evening and how your guests will move throughout the evening. Picture them going from the ceremony to the reception. If they are at different sites, how will your guests (and wedding party) get there? Once there, How will they know where to go and what to do? How will they know when to move on from cocktail hour to the reception area? When considering these questions, picture the capacity of your invitation list (perhaps hundreds of people) filing through these spaces. You might need signs, or venue employees to make announcements. Consider how much space will comfortably hold your guests, both in the rooms and transition areas. Be aware of their needs–restrooms, food, drink, entertainment, direction. Guests will have certain expectations. Figure out what they are and try your best to fulfill them.


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