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Budget Honeymoon February 26, 2009

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Designer Events specializes on budget weddings. I am here to help you find a good budget and stick to it. This includes your honeymoon. So, how does one (or two) take a vacation with little means to get there?

Borrowing a few ideas from

Plan for it:  Start saving money for it when you get engaged and put all your extra cash, even if it’s 20 bucks at a time, into that pot. You can also use the cash and checks many people will give you instead of a gift.

Drive:  Yes, gas has been outrageously priced for a while now, but it’s still cheaper than flying.

There’s no place like home: Don’t go too far. Exotic locations and foreign countries will suck your wallet dry…unless you live near the border and can drive.

Ask: One of you is bound to have a friend with a time-share, summer home or extra cabin. Ask if you can borrow or rent it for a week. Of course, you should always give them a very nice thank-you gift.

And a few ideas of my own:

Don’t pay full price for your hotel room: Use or a similar service to get nice rooms for the cheapest available prices.

Walk: Find a location that has entertainment and restaurants close-by and plan to walk a lot (bring comfy shoes!). You can save a bundle by avoiding cabs, buses and trains.

Set your honeymoon budget. Then reserve a few hundred dollars for emergencies and souvenirs. If you still don’t spend it all, you can use the extra cash for your budding marriage when you get home. And if you do, it’s still wise to have a little cushion.

Get a reservation: If you set reservations for theaters, museums and events before you leave home, you may be able to save more money than if you get tickets when you get there.


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  1. Jennifer Says:

    We have discovered that because we have both been living on our own for a while, we don’t have a whole lot of house stuff to put on our registry. And since we don’t have a lot of money for our honeymoon, we are putting together a honeymoon registry in addition to the small household registry we’ll have. With a honeymoon registry, guests can give us gifts such as a dinner out on our honeymoon, breakfast in bed, or tickets to a show. We are using and I have heard great things about it.

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