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How to Honeymoon February 23, 2009

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honeymoonDon’t get too caught up in the wedding itself! Remember, this one day is in preparation for a lifetime. The honeymoon is the beginning of that life together. It is traditionally the groom’s job to plan the honeymoon, which I think is a fantastic idea since the bride generally has so much to do with the wedding. However, many couples are working together these days. Either way, you want to have a wonderful honeymoon with lots of great memories. Here’s how.

Determine what kind of honeymoon you both want. Do you like to do all the touristy activities and see all the sights all day long? Do you like to relax in the hotel with tea and a good book? Do you look for night life? Think about what you normally do on vacations and what you always wish you could do on vacations. Answering these questions will help you decide on a location as well as an itinerary. If you are going to an unfamiliar area, especially out of country, I highly recommend using a travel agent. This will ensure things go smoothly and you don’t forget any major details.

While planning the honeymoon, look for special romance packages. You can sometimes get extra luxuries or even a better room. Be sure to take a copy of your marriage certificate (an official copy, preferably).

Sign up under your maiden name unless you have enough time to change your name on all your travel documents before the honeymoon. 

Have fun! Your honeymoon will be the best vacation you’ve ever had, but travel can put a lot of stress on a relationship. Decide ahead of time that you will compromise and not be easily offended. If you aren’t determined to go with the flow, then the first thing that goes wrong could turn into your first married fight.


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