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The Oh-So-Important Bridesmaid February 19, 2009

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Legend has it that bridesmaids were originally used as a distraction to keep evil spirits away from the bride. They would dress just like the bride to confuse the spirits. What a sacrifice! These days, bridesmaids don’t sign up for spiritual battle, but they are a very vital part of the wedding.

In addition to bridesmaid fashion today, I want to talk a little about the duties of this role. I have seen many women who think that being asked to be a bridesmaid is just a way for the bride to say ‘you’re special to me’. While this is true, a bridesmaid’s duties go much further than just showing up at the wedding. This role includes throwing a bridal shower and bachelorette party, helping the bride with any do-it-yourself projects and being available for any trouble-shooting on the wedding day, and during the months prior. A bridesmaid should support the marriage, and intend to be supportive of the marriage for many years to come. Complaints or objections should never escape a bridesmaid’s lips!

Brides: This is the ideal bridesmaid, but chances are, they won’t be perfect. Be patient with them. Communicate your expectations and then leave it at that.

Now, for fashion. It can be difficult to find a dress that will fit many different body types. One good option is a tea length dress. Strapless also compliments most body types. Take into consideration measurements, skin color and personality. One popular way around the body-type issue is getting different dress types in the same color. I decided to go the other way. Same dress, different colors:


Photo by Linda Story

Photo by Linda Story


For excellent advice on bridesmaid-hood, visit and for Twirl’s website, visit The creators of Twirl, Keri and Jenni, have been bridesmaids 16 times combined. Their store provides excellent service and exquisite dresses that will be worn again!

Happy shopping!


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