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Favors February 12, 2009

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Tip#3: Research your options for favors and pick one! Then, get them ordered!

Write a list of ten words that describe you and your fiance. Then pick one of the words based on how you want your guests to remember you. Use that word as inspiration to come up with a creative favor.

kateaspenIf you’d rather just browse what’s out there, check out . I got to listen to the founder of Kate Aspen speak and I was inspired by her vision. When she was a bride, she had the hardest time finding favors with her requirements. These were: it had to be packaged pretty, it had to be something the guest would know is for them to take home, and it had to be something the guests would actually use or keep. After seeing that the world had so little to offer, she decided to start making her own favors. Each favor has its own beautiful packaging and a note that says something to the effect of ‘For You’ so the guest will know to take it. Check out what she has to offer. Kate Aspen is high quality and your guests will remember your gorgeous wedding  each time they see the favor.


One Response to “Favors”

  1. Jennifer Robison Says:

    I took the quiz on Kate Austen’s page – it was very accurate and helpful. I was 50% Lexi bride (Wonderfully Unpredictable, Unique, Creative) and 50% Victoria bride (Romantic, Creative, Just a Touch of Old Fashioned). Those are pretty much the exact words I would use to describe the kind of wedding Devin and I are trying to create – it also describes my dress, which is a good indication that I’m right on track with my theme 🙂

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