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The Groom of her Dreams January 20, 2009

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Our guest blogger today is a bride-to-be who couldn’t help but to tell us all how wonderful her groom-to-be is. Jennifer Robison is a graphic designer who is tying the knot in October. The following is her description of the man she’s going to marry:


“Can I just brag on my future husband for a second here? Maybe you don’t care, but I wanted to share how terrific he is being with wedding plans. 

Devin has taken so much of the burden of wedding planning off my shoulders. The week after we got engaged, he saw how stressed I was about finding a reception location, so he offered to take it over. He did all the leg work researching locations, prices, features and then presented me with a narrowed down list of about 3-4 that fit our needs and budget. 

He has also found our DJ, photographers and just a couple of days ago, OFFERED to completely take over all of the planning for the food! The very next day, he presented me with a excel spreadsheet filled with different options, prices and details (which really spoke to my hyper-organized, type-A personality!). What a way to show me love – a perfectly organized, stress-realiving spreadsheet! (Seriously, no sarcasim here – it really was a wonderfully, loving thing to do!)

He has been amazing and so sensitive by seeing ways in which he can relieve my wedding-planning stress. Truly, he has been my hero in all this!

So to any future grooms out there – here is some unsolicited advice: If you see your sweetie stressing out about wedding plans (which she will – because it is A LOT of work!), take some initiative and find something you can offer to help with. If she asks you to do something to help – do it quickly and efficiently. Sharing the burden of wedding plans will mean so much too her! (Side note: be sensitive to her “dreams” for this day. It is YOUR day too, but it’s likely that some things, like the “pretty stuff” (flowers, colors, etc), mean more to her than to you, so let her take the lead on this one).

And here is some unsolicited advice for the future brides out there: Don’t get so caught up in wedding plans that you forget to nurture your relationship with your hubby-to-be. The wedding IS a huge, important event, but it is only one day. During your engagement, spend more time planning for your marriage (lifetime) than for your wedding (one day). Trust me – I need to be careful apply my own advice!”


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