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Quick Tip January 26, 2009

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Quick Tip:

Get a pretty hanger for your wedding gown on the big day. There is nothing that ruins a beautiful picture of your dress more than an ugly hanger.

Bonus Tip:

Be sure to have a vase for each bouquet in your wedding party. A little water will help the flowers stay fresh longer and even if you don’t have water, the vase will keep your bouquet from being crushed when you lay it down on a table.


Guest List Etiquette January 21, 2009

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Another etiquette question was asked of me that I feel I should address. When a woman gets engaged, she finds that her old friends who haven’t been in contact for months, or even years, will start showing up. Does that mean she must invite those friends who have come back into her life?

I would say no, not necessarily.

If you are already having a large wedding, inviting your parents’ co-workers whom you don’t even know, and there’s room in your venue, then yes. There’s really no way to politely say, “Well, I don’t know who that guy is, but you can’t come”.

If you have limited space, limited budget and you really wanted it to be a private affair with the people you love most, then you don’t need to feel obligated to invite old friends. 

Here is my rule of thumb: If you have been close to this person for at least the last five months and you plan on staying close for decades to come, invite them. If it has been longer than a year since you have even spoken to them, don’t worry about it. The fact is, you can always send announcements to the people who didn’t get invitations.

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The Groom of her Dreams January 20, 2009

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Our guest blogger today is a bride-to-be who couldn’t help but to tell us all how wonderful her groom-to-be is. Jennifer Robison is a graphic designer who is tying the knot in October. The following is her description of the man she’s going to marry:


“Can I just brag on my future husband for a second here? Maybe you don’t care, but I wanted to share how terrific he is being with wedding plans. 

Devin has taken so much of the burden of wedding planning off my shoulders. The week after we got engaged, he saw how stressed I was about finding a reception location, so he offered to take it over. He did all the leg work researching locations, prices, features and then presented me with a narrowed down list of about 3-4 that fit our needs and budget. 

He has also found our DJ, photographers and just a couple of days ago, OFFERED to completely take over all of the planning for the food! The very next day, he presented me with a excel spreadsheet filled with different options, prices and details (which really spoke to my hyper-organized, type-A personality!). What a way to show me love – a perfectly organized, stress-realiving spreadsheet! (Seriously, no sarcasim here – it really was a wonderfully, loving thing to do!)

He has been amazing and so sensitive by seeing ways in which he can relieve my wedding-planning stress. Truly, he has been my hero in all this!

So to any future grooms out there – here is some unsolicited advice: If you see your sweetie stressing out about wedding plans (which she will – because it is A LOT of work!), take some initiative and find something you can offer to help with. If she asks you to do something to help – do it quickly and efficiently. Sharing the burden of wedding plans will mean so much too her! (Side note: be sensitive to her “dreams” for this day. It is YOUR day too, but it’s likely that some things, like the “pretty stuff” (flowers, colors, etc), mean more to her than to you, so let her take the lead on this one).

And here is some unsolicited advice for the future brides out there: Don’t get so caught up in wedding plans that you forget to nurture your relationship with your hubby-to-be. The wedding IS a huge, important event, but it is only one day. During your engagement, spend more time planning for your marriage (lifetime) than for your wedding (one day). Trust me – I need to be careful apply my own advice!”


Reception Cards January 13, 2009

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I was recently asked an etiquette question that was difficult to answer. 

This bride has a ceremony site which is larger than the reception site. This situation is the opposite from what you would normally see. Enter the dilemma. There will be fewer guests at the reception. So, how does one invite a bunch of guests to a ceremony but not to the reception and stay within the lines of etiquette?

One option would be to create two separate sets of invitations. One would end with an invitation to the reception, along with its location and the other would omit anything about the reception.


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Image from

The alternative would be to create reception cards. This way you only have to make one set of invitations, and just add a reception card to those who will be invited to the reception. This card should include all the information necessary to prepare a guest. It is important that you include what kind of reception is to follow the ceremony (dinner, cake, cocktail) so that they are not expecting a feast when they are met with one slice of cake.

Another good tip would be to tell your parents, your bridal party and anyone else directly related to the wedding to have a stock answer for those phone calls from guests who weren’t invited to the reception. The easiest answer would be ‘because of limited space, we had to have a family-only reception’. Of course, if that is what you’re saying, then it better be true. The only exception would be the bridal party. If it isn’t for family only, another good term is ‘private reception’ and be sure to put this on your reception card, so guests don’t get chatty about it with everyone who isn’t invited. 

Remember that a wedding is one of the most common times that people get their feelings hurt. Be very sensitive to your guests and explain to them that they are important to you and that you would be honored if they could witness the most important time in your life. You could even have a low-key ‘reception’ after the honeymoon for those who weren’t invited to the original reception, if your budget allows it.


Quick Tip January 2, 2009

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Visit a venue at least twice, during the time of day your wedding will be held, before signing a contract with them. If you can, ask to see the space while an event is taking place. This way, you can see how the staff run things and interact with guests. You can notice that train a block away that only goes by at 6:30 on Saturdays, and you will see where the sun is positioned. Also, you may notice new details that you skipped on the first visit, when you were so excited. Look at every detail closely and don’t be afraid to ask about things you aren’t happy with. Chances are, the venue wants to know how they can improve and your concerns just might be the criticism they needed. But, please…be nice.