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Quick Tip December 19, 2008

Filed under: Quick Tips,Uncategorized — jamiemae @ 8:43 am

Tell your wedding party to drink plenty of water the day of the wedding and to not lock their knees as they stand during the ceremony. It’s not uncommon for people to faint for neglecting those important tips.


2 Responses to “Quick Tip”

  1. Jennifer Robison Says:

    That totally happened on one of the wedding I was in!

    One of the groom’s brothers didn’t drink enough water, locked his knees and fainted dead away. Since the Groom couldn’t see what was going on behind him, the Bride just whispered (as they were carrying the brother off stage), “Okay, your brother just passed out, but he’s okay and don’t worry about it.” And they continued on as if nothing had happened!

  2. jamiemae Says:

    Wow. Talk about a memorable wedding. Although I’m sure they laugh about it now, I think it’s best to avoid this memory if you can 🙂

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