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A Little more than Aim and Shoot December 10, 2008

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Photo by Linda Story

Photo by Linda Story



Like florists, photographers also offer two different types of their work. The first is traditional photography. These are formal, posed portraits. At a wedding, the posed shots usually consist of the wedding party, families and the happy couple in a number of combinations. These can be quite beautiful because the photographer can control how everything looks. Traditional photos have always been popular at weddings.


Another kind of photography is photojournalism. This is where the candid shots come in. If you have a quality photographer, preferably with assistants, they will be where the important things are going on to capture memories, and even find hidden, behind-the-scenes moments that most people might have missed. These are fun, because they express the true atmosphere of the day.

When you are choosing a photographer, keep in mind that you will be interacting with them throughout the day. It would be wise to choose someone that you get along with and who can share your vision. ALWAYS ask to see your photographer’s portfolio before signing a contract. Also, ask how many weddings or events they have done in the past. If they say ‘none’ or ‘I mostly work in the studio doing portraits’, run! Your photographer should have plenty of experience catching moving, changing subjects. This will also give them the experience to be aware of what’s going on across the site that they should be shooting.

Know what you want from your photographer and keep that in mind when choosing one.


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