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Theme Inspiration November 21, 2008

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A few days ago, I discussed how to make your personality a part of your wedding. Today, I want to talk specifically about Themes. When looking for the inspiration for a theme, look:


At your future hubby–you never know. This may just be where his planning skills can shine.

To your favorite color–it’s fun to take several shades of one color and be creative in how you use them. Even white is a great theme.

On your list of hobbies–we talked about traveling. How about reading? Or, golf.

A pattern–as you plan your wedding, you will come across many beautiful things. When you find some stationery or linens or anything that inspires you, use it! put it in the ceremony decorations, put it on the reception tables, put it on your cake.

There are endless opportunities for inspiration. Just keep your eyes open.


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