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It’s What Time? November 12, 2008

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analog-clock2I hear two things from everyone I know at some point. First, “I’m so busy! I don’t have time for everything.” Second, “I’m tired.” These are things we can all relate to. That’s why the phrase ‘not enough hours in the day’ was born. My parents put it this way: unlimited opportunities, limited resources. In this case, the limited resource is time. This is yet another reason that a wedding planner can be helpful.

When you have a career, classes, friends, family and a new fiance, it becomes extremely difficult to juggle everything. That doesn’t even include all the extra activities and fun you have on your calendar (if there’s room for fun). A wedding planner is there to do as much or as little as you want. That’s the blessing. If you want to be completely in control of the invitations, but you just don’t have time to pick up the extra ribbon and book the photographer and call the caterer with your final guest count, that’s where I come in.

In addition to doing things for you, a wedding planner can save time by making sure you know what needs to be done and when. A checklist for the planning months and the accountability to get it done will reduce stress as you get closer to the wedding. She can tell you what is most important at that time so you don’t have to worry about everything on your list at once. 

Brides are beginning to understand the importance of using a wedding planner. Over half of the brides surveyed on in 2002 said they used a wedding planner. Similarly, 72% of those who didn’t hire a planner said they wished they had. This says something for the value of professional experience, knowledge, people skills, and service.


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