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Here or There? November 6, 2008

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It didn’t take me long to decide on a venue for my wedding two years ago. I grew up in a farm town, which is now growing at a rapid rate. Fields are becoming neighborhoods and shopping centers. One of the most beautiful things in the world to me is a field of green crops set against the backdrop of Arizona mountains and a blue sky. Since my dad is a farmer turned developer, he owned some land that we turned into the perfect venue for a farm girl. In the above picture, you can see the grain tanks in the background, a symbol of pride in my family. The ceremony was to the left of the lake and for the reception, we rented a giant tent:


Photo by Linda Story

Photo by Linda Story


It was a beautiful setting for the evening ceremony and the reception late into the night.


photo by Linda Story

photo by Linda Story

If you just can’t find the right venue, don’t be afraid to create your own. That is a good way to bring your personalities, too. If you like art or history, use a museum. Ask the owner of a mansion or castle if you could use their place (with compensation, of course). A friend of mine even had her wedding at the local zoo. Be creative and have fun. Your guests will appreciate it.


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