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After-thoughts November 4, 2008

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Many people think that after a wedding is over, there is no more work for it. However, there are still a few things that need to be done, and this is a bride’s friendly reminder to delegate someone to take care of these things while you are on your honeymoon.

First, the bride’s and groom’s apparel needs to be taken care of. The best man should return the men’s tuxes, including the groom’s. The Maid of Honor, or some other designated person should take the bride’s gown to the cleaners and have it preserved before the bride returns (unless it’s a super short honeymoon). The bride’s bouquet may also need to be preserved. The gifts should be transported to the new home, or to a temporary holding place. Announcements should go out to all those family and friends who did not receive an invitation to the wedding (this can wait a few weeks if you wish to include a wedding picture). If there are extra food and flowers, you may wish to have someone donate them to a shelter or nursing home.

As a bride, you want to enjoy your honeymoon without wondering if everything got done. So, be sure to pick people to do these jobs while you’re away, then confirm with them a few days before the wedding to be sure there was no miscommunication. If you have a wedding planner, this would be a wonderful person to take care of some of these things.


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