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My Big Day October 22, 2008

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Photo by Linda Story

Photo by Linda Story



This is a picture from my own big day. This is my favorite posed picture from my wedding because you can clearly see how incredibly happy we both are. My family photographer has been taking pictures of us since I was little and has become a special part of the family, because she’s always around during our most important events. Linda is an artist and a joy to work with. I appreciate her ability to see what can be and create an amazing, unexpected shot. Thanks, Linda! You can visit Linda’s website at


One Response to “My Big Day”

  1. Linda Story Says:

    Hi Jamie! Wow, this is incredible! I’m so thrilled for you and the success of your business (definitely you will be successful!, You’ve got the vision, the drive, the creativity)

    Huge thanks for including me and the appreciation you always send my way!

    Bye for now, Linda Story, who was honored & proud to be Jamie and Ben Ihms wedding photographer

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