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An Introduction October 11, 2008

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I had no idea that my creative energy would lead me to the world of planning. I just fell into it and, with a lot of work and research, I have started my own business in wedding and event planning called Designer Events. I was married two years ago to my high school sweetheart and never really stopped planning my wedding. I finally found an outlet for that passion by planning other people’s weddings! I love reading wedding blogs, so I decided to be a contributer to the blog world myself. There are two things I’d like to make clear today: 1) A planner or consultant is an absolutely wonderful and necessary part of your wedding. They can help you save time, worry and yes, even money! and 2) My job as a planner is not to plan your event for you, thus taking the control, but instead to plan it with you, carrying out your dreams and visions so you can relax knowing that a professional will give you the knowledge and connections you don’t have.

I’m excited for this new adventure and I hope that you will join me. If you are a wedding professional, I welcome any and all advice in relation to planning and business. If you are a bride, I hope I can direct you to the information you need and give you inspiration for a beautiful day. If you just like reading about weddings, then welcome. Whatever the case, please feel free to be an active part of my blog by commenting as you wish.


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